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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Espana: Jeans Style

Primo post dalla Spagna, dalla fascinosa e festaiola Costa Brava, e voi?? Siete tutte in vacanza? Oppure siete ancora in città a cercare il costume perfetto per la vostra estate? Io devo dire che quest'anno non mi sono fatta amare nulla per quanto riguarda il beachwear!
In spiaggia si possono avere tanti stili diversi, ed io amo cambiare ogni giorno: mi piace lo stile retrò, magari con un bel cappello a tesa larga, oppure lo stile pop, con un bel costume fluo! Oggi ero un po' vintage; ho scelto di indossare un vecchio costume in jeans firmato Les Copain, abbinandolo ad occhiali Prada, rossetto rosso Chanel e orecchini gioiello, che danno un certo stile anche in spiaggia!!
Voi che ne pensate?? Io amo cambiare anche per il beachwear ed adoro usare accessori anche in spiaggia!
Buone vacanze mie care

First post from Spain, from the fascinating and party-going Brava Coast, and you?? Are you all on holiday? Or are you still in the city to look for the perfect custom for your summer? I must say that this year I have not made to love nothing as regards the beachwear!
On the beach you can try so many different styles, and I love to change every day: I like the old style, even with a beautiful hat to wide brim, or the pop style, with a beautiful fluo bikini! Today I was a little bit vintage; I have chosen to wear a vintage jeans custom signed Les Copain, combining it to Prada glasses, Chanel red lipstick and earrings jewel, that also gives a lot of style on the beach!! What do you think of it?? I love to also change for the beachwear and I love also using accessories on the beach!
Happy holidays

Les Copains jeans swimwear
Prada sunglasses
Tally Wejil earrings 

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  1. A perfect choice of swimsuit, so pretty! And your body is amazing both front and back in it. I will admit it was the last shot that did it for me tonight, dear!!! So sexy and exciting, was incredible for me ;) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely