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Monday, 31 December 2012


Hello Girls!! this is the perfect shpping outfit: it is easy, chic and comfortable! The leggings are perfect for the shopping or for a travel, the white shirt is very chic; I've added a grey jacket, and a grey wool scarf!! Grey lace up and cream color fur! Black shopping bag and Chanel sunglasses can't miss!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hello Girls!! how have you spent your Xmas day!?? Have u recived a lot of presents!?? Let me know with a comment!! But now let's talk about the outfit of the day: a white look!!
A mini skirt with white hearts, a white sweater, boots with heels and socks of the same color!!
Fur and LV bag are the strog pieces!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's However XMas

Hello girls! we have spent our Christmas at home, so I've chosen a very simple outfin but also chic!!
I'm totally in white, but the accessories like the pumps, the belt and the bracelets are red: It's however Christmas!!
I wish u a merry xmas, 
with so much love

Monday, 24 December 2012


Hello girls!! Christmas It's finally arrived and I want to show you my look: elegant, chic and red!!
You know that I really love red colours, especially at Christmas, so I wear a bordeaux shirt, a black skirt and a pair of black pumps!! obviously bag and leather bracelet can't miss!!
Happy Christmas Eve

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Hello girls!! an other xmas post: very chic xmas post!! This outfit is combined by different elements, some cheap pieces as the leather pants and the hat, and some signed pieces like the Gucci coat, the scarf and the pumps: very metrololitan style!!
Let me know if u like my new post!!
happy sunday

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hello girls!! I really like this outfit: here I wear a new dress of H&M, very cheap but very chic; I've combined my all red accessories except the new Armani Jeans bag! I also wear a red belt, my red jacket and my varnish red pumps: really xmas look! Do u like!!??

Friday, 21 December 2012


Hello Girls!!! The look of the day is a very wool-look; in fact I wear a grey wool dress with a end detail; I also wear a white wool "poncho", i really love this type of suit!!
I've underlined the point of life with a leather belt! Bag of Louis Vuitton and boots with the heel!
The Xmas touch is given by the red lipstick signed Kate Moss! Do u like my look???

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hello Girls!
The Sunday is the perfect day to prepare some sweets, so, today, I’ve decided to prepare my Xmas biscuits! Are very easy to do, first of all you have to loosen the butter, exactly 150 grams!
Now welgh 300 grams of flour and 150 grams of sugar and mix them together; now you can add the egg and the fused butter, realizing a ball of it. Now You have to wind it in a piece of “plastics for foods” and leave to rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator!
Now you can stretch your ball and realize all the form that you like; you can also add some chocolate drops or some decorations with the sugar after the cooking!
Let’s cook your biscuits at 180° for 10 minuts: now you can eat your xmas biscuits!
Happy Sunday


Saturday, 15 December 2012


Christian Louboutin

Hello Girls!!
At Chistmas I need to wear a red pieces: a bag, a pump, a dress or just the lipstick! Here I want to show you some marvelous pumps from which you can take inspiration, all red obviously!
Have good saturday

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hi girls!! Today the first recipe for Xmas, my specialty: the stuffed pandoro!
First of all take a pandoro, cut it to slices, but in horizontal way and not in vertical as of custom!
Then prepare the stuffing, a simple cream composed by Pasticcere cream and whipped cream!
I use the cream in envelope, therefore bring the milk on the stoves and perform the indications set on the wrapping, while are allowing to cool you can deal with the whipped cream, that must have climbed on "as snow" with the electric whips!
Then you add in a slowly way the whipped cream climbed on to the cream mixing upward from the lower part!
Make that the pandoro is not dry is necessary to dampen it, I have a preference for the juice of pineapple, to which some sweet liqueur can be added!!
We pass to the assemblage: take the base of the pandoro, pour some juice and put a layer of cremates, put back the superior slice in asymmetrical way, and realize the same procedure, at the end your pandoro will seem a to the I was of Xmas tree, to which can add light sugar, fused chocolate or yields candied!!

Ciao ragazze!! Oggi la prima ricetta per natale, la mia specialità: il pandoro farcito!
Prima di tutto prendete un pandoro, tagliatelo a fette, ma in orizzontale e non in verticale come di consuetudine!
Poi preparate il ripieno, una semplice crema composta da una confezione di panna montata ed una di crema pasticcera!
Io utilizzo la crema in busta, quindi portate il latte sui fornelli ed eseguite le indicazioni poste sulla confezione, mentre lasciate raffreddare potete occuparvi della panna, che deve essere montata a neve con le fruste elettriche!
Poi aggiungete mano a mano la panna montata alla crema, mescolando dal basso verso l'alto!
Per far si che il pandoro non sia asciutto è necessario inumidirlo, io prediligo il succo d'ananas, a cui si può aggiungere un po' di liquore dolce!!
Passiamo al montaggio: prendete la base del pandoro, versate un po' di succo e mettete uno strato di crema, riponete la fetta superiore in modo asimmetrico, e realizzate lo stesso procedimento, alla fine il vostro pandoro sembrerà un albero di natale, a cui potrete aggiungere zucchero a velo, cioccolato fuso o frutta candita!!

Friday, 7 December 2012


 Hi Girls!!
Today I want to show you both a new very winter look and some decorations of Christmas, very modern and fashion! My look is composed from a wool whipped cream color suit  to which I have combined a clear light brown color belt, in perfect tone with the boots, the maxi sweater and the sock that escape from the boots!
As it regards the location, it is a very modern living room, therefore also the decorations are in perfect combining, all on the tones of the white, of the silver and of the blue one; my t preferredpar is the mini tree of table: chic very!!