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Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi Girls... A new outfit for you... I wear a green bottle sweater, very soft but tied up under the breast; skinny jeans  and tall heels of a neutral color!!
Jacket of leather with the fur, very warm and fashion, and scarf in tone!! Inevitable the LV of varnish!!! I have chosen to go off the photos next to my Christmas tree... do you like it???

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hi Girls!!!Have you passed a good week end??? ^__ ^ I like a lot today's outfit, I find ita lot of fashion, all tone on tone!! I wear a very wide and irregular sweaterof ancient pink color, that is perfect with the leg jeans, that is indeed a"must have" of season!! From the sweater glimpses a long brownundershirt, that however it has one note of pink, and that it is perfectlycombined; shoes with tall heel of a neutral color, and obviously theaccessories: a gilded necklace and gnawed composed by butterflies and the usualbracelets a lot of vintage!!!^__^


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hi Girls!!In these days I have worn a lot pants with the tall heels, bacause I find themreally chic. thing there is of better of a beautiful pants with a beautifulshoe?? Be the perfect look for every occasion, fling as the figure and hidesall the defects!!!^__ ^ today's look is composed by classical pants ofRoccobarocco and from a worked wool sweater of grey color!! Have combined asweater of a brown clear, that is glimpse only, that is combined to the neutralshoes. The necklace recalls the blue of the pants, and the LV is alwaysperfect!!
The touchindeed glam is given by the ecological fur of whipped cream color. I adore it ^__^


Thursday, 15 November 2012

I feel like Eva Kant!!!

Hi girls!! Do you know the comics?? I don't love them particularly, but I have always been spellbound from that of Diabolik, a thief from the magnetic eyes, that is in love with his companion Eva Kant, yeah, every time that I wear A black sweater and I make a chignon to the hair, I feel me as Eva Kant!!
This outfit is simple indeed, black sweater, skinny jeans and black boots!! For the accessories you can choose what you want, because it have indeed is a proper look for everything, I have chosen the green jacket to give a touch of color, the scarf tone on tone and the new purse of Armani Jeans!! With this look I am ready for a new mission with the beautiful Diabolik!!


Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi Girls!!! Also today a new look for you: a very sporting outfit, proper for the university (as in my case) or for an exit with the friends!!
I wear some dark blue leggings, indeed comfortable and proper to an informal look, a long top of a whipped cream color, a trapeze form with a ribbon of shaves under the breast, that makes it indeed chic!

A black, warm and soft cardigan, but if you want you can choose a more garish color; I have chosen it  because I have combined then a bright green jacket, indeed very of tendency!!
In a sporting look the sneakers cannot miss, but always a lot of fashion, I have chosen the bicolor Isabel Marant!! Finally the accessories, a black scarf with some colored details, the classical ones Byblos and a capacious shopping in leather, that can contain books or purchases!!!


Thursday, 8 November 2012


Hi Girls... Today I want to show you a way to wear the pants of leather, that I have returned a lot of fashion in the last times, and that in the wardrobe of a Fashion Victim should never miss!                                                 Do I know to thing perfectly is thinking. they are not too much weapons?? Or vulgar?? Don't they put in prominence the defects?? Certainly they are not proper for all the physicists, but there are various models, to the goal that a lot of us can wear them without problems; to mine modest to seem needs to know them to combine, otherwise he risks indeed to be too much weapons and sometimes vulgar! I for instance, have particularly appreciated a look of Olivia Palermo, where simply wore them combined to a white top and to a pair of ballerinas!!  I have chosen to combine a green long sweater, a coat a lot of bon ton and purse and boots borchiati; a mix more styles, that however they create an attractive look!!
Let me know your opinio about!!


Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi girls... by now the winter has arrived, the moment  to wear warm coats, eider-downs and furs have arrived, I have decided to wear my gilet of fur, obviously synthetic!!
For a so particular and fluorescent accessory, I have decided to wear a very simple suit of wool, warm and soft, some tall boots, from which are glimpse some sock, on the same cromia, and obviously the undisputed protagonist, the fur!!!
It is not difficult to find, this year is particularly present both in the low cost shops, both in the signatures for  young people like us (how Guess and Pepe Jeans).
Finally I have always combined a purse and a scarf on the same colors, but the inevitable accessory in the winter is the bordeaux lipstick, I have chosen that created by Kate Moss for Rimmel!!
happy monday girls!!