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Monday, 30 July 2012


Hello girls!! It was a really quite day, the tipic day to spend on the beach!! At the night we went to eat some wonderful crêpes, and after we have taken a walk in the centre and along the sea!!
Here I wear my little end shorts signed Zara, a black top signed GKF, and my black sandals signed Guess!!
I love this pochette, I have bought it at the H&M's shop, and I've paid this so little, but I find that a lot of figure does!!
Detach from the white and from the black, have combined earrings and bracelets on the pink crayon!

Kiss Kiss

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Hi girls!! Today I have departed for France, precisely for Menton; departing from Cuneo, we passes through the hill of the "tenda", a long tunnel that arrives thin in France; there are later immediately a lot of beautiful and little cities, we are stopped to have lunch to Breil, and here we have photographed my look after having eaten a beautiful "baguette ou jambon!"!
My suit Armani is wide and fresh, have added a belt vintage of Mazzini, accent the point life!
Had already shown you this suit, but today I combine it to the blue, my comfortable sandals with plateau and my purse Burberry! I love this model, has the classical draw of this brand, but is of a slim blue!!!
Ring and earrings are signed Guess, while the bracelets are Stroili Oro!!
I now greet you, but posts there will be as with some special looks from sea!!!

Bon au revoir

Friday, 27 July 2012


Hi girls!! Today a very fresh and light look; a cotton suit entirely embroidered for imitating the fabric of the sangallo end! On the back is unstuck, and the ideal would be to wear it when picked hair is had, with the purpose to show the back!!
Being a rather astute suit, have decided to underline the point life with a strap, I have chosen a very thin black belt, that underlines well the contrast with the suit!!!
Give color have combined my green and black wedges signed Zara! The purse is the classical plasticized shopping, mine has been purchased in the most famous negotiate of londra Harrods!!!


Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi girls, today a very elegant look indeed!! I have used this outfit for a party and have decided to again wear it to show to you!!
The black suit is signed Guess, very very chic; unstuck on the back, has some delicate rucheses on the part before! Being decidedly unstuck have filled with a multicolor necklace signed Zara!! Also the sandals with maxi heel are signed Zara, and I adore them!! The bracelet is very big, so just one si enough this is signed H-M!!
The signed pochette is inevitable to make indeed a special look, I combine my classical LV!!
Considering that I was in front of the fountain of the 12 months, I have decided to make some more particular photos!! I hope likes you!!!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hi girls!! Also today a new outfit!! In the eighties it was used to wear a lot of colors together, yellow, oranges and red, sometimes fluo; the fashion in this summer was inspired to that years, and therefore also my look is it!! Simple, but very colored!!
The skirt to band is magenta color and it is signed Zara; the trapeze fluo orange top is signed Topshop; they are two very strong but warm tonalities, therefore can choose neutral accessories or to dare even more!! I have a preference for the second option: have combined my red sandals signed Zara!!! How purse can combine the type that you more preferred!! I show you my shoulder belt Pinko, that according to me is perfect for this look!!!


Ciao ragazze!! Anche oggi un nuovo outfit!! Negli anni ottanta si usava indossare tantissimi colori insieme, gialli, arancioni e rossi, talvolta fluo; la moda di quest'estate era ispirata a quegli anni, e quindi anche il mio look lo è!! Semplice, ma molto colorato!!
La gonna a fascia è color magenta ed è firmata Zara; il top a trapezio arancione fluo è firmato Topshop; sono due tonalità molto forti ma calde, quindi potete scegliere accessori neutri oppure osare ancora di più!! Io prediligo la seconda opzione: ho abbinato i miei sandali rossi firmati Zara!!! Come borsa potete abbinare quella che più preferite!! Io vi mostro la mia tracolla Pinko, che secondo me è perfetta per questo look!!!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hi!! Today I wear a very simple look; the sweater and the balloon skirt are signed Zara!! The sweater is pink, and for this motive I have combined all the accessories of the same color, the pink wedges are signed Guess, the pochette is signed Zara, and finally bracelets and earrings bought in a little market in London!!
The sunglasses is inevitable, and in this case I wear a model vintage of Vogue!!!


Monday, 23 July 2012

The fountain of 12 months!

Hi girls!! Today a new look!! I was in Turin, next to this marvelous fountain called "the fountain of 12 months", and here have decided to immortalize my look!!
I am very elegant, I wear a long skirt up to the knee and ancestral very tall, signed Guess, a transparent blouse slightly with draw some colored butterflies, signed Zara, and my beloved yellow shoes, signed Viamaestra, that is perfectly combined with the colors of the sweater!!
The skirt has some small black and gilded buttons and a thin strap with the gilded buckle, for this reason I have combined a bracelet of the same color! The classical pochette of Vuitton is perfect, and as earrings I have only combined some beads, because the sweater is a lot of accolade!!
The sunglasses total blacks of Chanel are always a must!!


Sunday, 22 July 2012


Hi girls!! Today I show you as is indeed simple possession a chic and personal look with a small budget!! I was in the beautiful Valentino's Castle and I've photographed here My look!!!
This look is very simple but however elegant, but the best thing is the price; to be beautiful and fashion is not necessary spending so much! Certainly the suits or te signed accessories are marvelous, but not suited for all the pockets; but who says that this could not be a signed look!?? ANYBODY!!
The sweater is in cotton, adherent and light, perfect to wear with a life tall skirt!
Have chosen the white sweater because I don't love the yellow and the black, too much Maya bee!! The yellow skirt costs a little little, less than 40 Euro! Be of a color that love a lot, is to tall life, very a lot of short, perfect for the small girls as me, because make tall the figure!!

Friday, 20 July 2012


Hi girls!! Also today a new look!! I have used this skirt in the post of a few months ago; be departs of a suit formed by a top, of the same fabric, and from a skirt, everything signed Ungaro!! I love particularly this skirt; like me to combine it to more sweaters and with more accessories, because every time changes completely!
Today have opted for the yellow, (my horoscope says that is my color in the summer) the shirt fitted tightly in cotton is very simple, and is signed Topshop; and the tall shoes are always in yellow, and are signed Viamaestra!

Love Pink

Hi girls!!! Today I will show you as a beautiful top can do the difference; but depart from the principle!!
I believe that every one of you has in her own closet a pair of white shorts, that hold rather insipid; not because is ugly or other, but because very simple and this makes difficult to create a look of effect!! But I have the solution!! According to me it needs only to dare; around I see a lot of girls with the shorts, but they combine the classical white or black shirt, and instead needs to dare with fluo colors !!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi girls!! Today I had a lot of things to do; first of all going to University, then had to meet me with some friends, and finally to go to my beautician of trust!! Today was very warm, but considering that I had to pass from the faculty before have decided to opt for the jeans!!! This model is decidedly skinny, but however rather light! Clear and useful is always actual, this is signed Pepe Jeans!!
For me, a winning combining is always the jeans with the white sweater!! This is simple, linear and with an american neckline is signed Zara! Above have put this embroidered sweater, that is transpiring, but however proper to go to places as the university or the job!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sporty Day

Hi girls!! Today have gone to make me a stroll in mountain, in a delicious town that there is to one hour from my house, and have decided to use the marvelous landscape as location for one of my looks!!
Probably for a real excursion would be need a specific look, but for a simple walk and an ice cream my look is perfect!!
The short pants are the ideal, fresh and light, especially my model in end signed Zara!
This is the demonstration that the end is not alone for an elegant attire, but can also be used for a more sporting attire!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shopping Style (part 2)

Hi girls!!! In my week end around for shops I have photographed my look!! Very simple but however fashion!!! My suit of jeans is comfortable indeed, perhaps is not proper for the occasion because with the drawstrings on the back, and therefore complicated by to wear, but considering that I was looking for accessories there is no problem!!! It is fresh and neutral, therefore it is abbinabile every type of color; this suit is signed Phard, and then the suit or the overall of jeans have returned to the great one this year!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Shopping Style

Hi girls!!! Have returned from an evening of shopping and have decided to immortalize my look!! For a turn to the nighttime commercial center or for a turn of the shops of the center I always opt for a comfortable attire, but always sophisticated and that make you notice feeling you to your ease!!!
In the summer I love the short pants, this model is signed Zara and is very nice because everything in end!! Be very strided and to enough tall life, therefore lengthens a lot the figure!! Can wear it with an adherent shirt that shows it, or, as in this case, with a longer top!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Purple and Yellow

Hi girls!!! I'm again with you for another look!!! Today I have decided to publish a look that can be perfect both for the day and for a pleasant evening with the friends!!! The violet suit is signed Northland and it is very glam!! Be to band, and is very particular because formed from a narrow part and to another softer than can be brought on a side, as in this case, or central!!! I love the violet one, even if not all the types, don't appreciate for example very the color eggplant, prefers instead the violet one that mostly extend toward the cold tones!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Very Elegant Pink

Hi girls!!! And also today a new post and a new look!!! I am very happy to show you this look because I love it in particularly!!
This is indeed a very beautiful suit, it is of a rose intense and is realized in silk and entirely worked; in fact the superior part is more rigid because is composed by a bodice, While the inferior part falls softer, despite both rather adherent!!!
This suit is signed Betty Blue a brand that makes indeed some delicious and female things!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Black is ever black!!!

Hi girls!!! Today a new beautiful post, or at least I hope for it!!!
Today I have chosen to publish a suit that is perfect for all the occasions, especially because the sales are initiated, that am the best occasion to buy nice things to little price... Or however lower!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

White Chic Day Look!!

Hi girls!! Today I want to make you see indeed my very chic and elegant day look!! This look is perfect for the job or for the late afternoon, even for an appointment or for a meeting with the friends in the happy hour.
The white is perfect for every type of complexion, then I in this case have combined the green accessories, but you can choose every type of color, thanks to the white base can Choose every kind of color!!!
I have chosen a very classical pants, it is a model of Valentine with some embroideries on the back pocket; the undershirt is very simple, signed Zara!
Also the jacket is signed Zara, and is of the same color of shoes, sign chedivè, of the purse, bought in a delicious market in france and of the earrings with the feathers!!!
The last accessory glams are the white vintage glasses signed Balenciaga!!!
I hope that you are liked the my new look!! Make me know your opinions!! I always wait you on what girls want!!!

Oggi voglio farvi vedere il mio look da giorno davvero molto chic ed elegante!! Questo look è perfetto per il lavoro o per il tardo pomeriggio, magari per un appuntamento o per un incontro con le amiche nell'happy hour.
Il bianco è perfetto per ogni tipo di carnagione, poi io in questo caso ho abbinato gli accessori verdi, ma voi potete scegliere ogni tipo di colore, grazie alla base bianca potrete Scegliere ogni genere di colore!!!
Io ho scelto un pantalone molto classico, è un modello di Valentino con dei ricami sulla tasca posteriore; la canottiera è molto semplice, con scollo all'americana, firmato Zara!!
Anche la giacca è firmata Zara, ed è dello stesso colore di scarpe, firmate chedivè, della borsa, comprata in un delizioso mercato in francia e degli orecchini con le piume!!!
L'ultimo accessorio glam sono gli occhiali vintage bianchi firmati Balenciaga!!!
Io spero che vi sia piaciuto il mio nuovo look!! Fatemi sapere le vostre opinioni!! Vi aspetto ragazze sempre su what girls want!!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Night Green Dress

Hi girls!!! Today a new night look!!! This is a Dress signed phard! I like this tipe of green, is really Colored and garish!!! It has many details as the Beads on the neckline and the band in life that make it so much pretty!!! This Dress doesn't need many accessories, Maybe a little purse and a little bracelet!!
I have preferred to aim at an only accessory the shoes instead!! Also these very fluorescent ones are entirely decorated with the silver!!!
I adore her!!! The only defect is that the heel is low, at least for my tastes!!! However they are very attractive and they perfectly suit him for the suit!!! These shoes are signed fornarina!!! If you don't like shoes like that you can opt on a more neutral model as a sandal on the whipped cream or if are a lot of lover of the colors can opt even more for strong accessories, even on the sour yellow or on the fuxia, also because this summer is the perfect summer to be able to dare with the turned on colors!!!

Ciao ragazze!! Oggi un nuovo night look!! Questo è un'abito firmato phard! Mi piace molto questo tipo di verde, è molto colorato e sgargiante!! Ha molti dettagli, come ad esempio le perline
sulla scollatura e la fascia in vita che lo rendono ancora più grazioso!!! Questo vestito non richiede molti accessori, magari una piccola borsetta o un piccolo braccialetto!!
Io invece ho preferito puntare su un unico accessorio, le scarpe!! Anche queste molto appariscenti sono interamente decorate con l'argento!!!
Io le adoro!!! L'unico difetto è che il tacco è basso, almeno per i miei gusti!!! Comunque sono molto graziose e si adattano perfettamente all'abito!!! Queste scarpe sono firmate fornarina!!!
Se non ti piacciono tu puoi optare su un modello più neutro, come un sandalo sul panna oppure se sei molto amante dei colori puoi optare per accessori ancora più forti, magari sul giallo acido o sul fuxia, anche perché quest'estate è l'estate perfetta per poter osare con i colori accesi!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Neutral Look

hi girls.. and here is the last look of the day... I hope that also you like this!!!

ciao ragazze.. ed ecco l'ultimo look del giorno... spero che anche questo vi piaccia!!!

Bon Ton Look

Bon Ton Look

hi girls.. today I have decided to show you as is easy to realize a very sophisticated look without having to notch your finances, therefore read and look, and then also make me know what think of it!!!

ciao ragazze.. oggi ho deciso di mostrarvi come è facile realizzare un look molto sofisticato senza dover intaccare le vostre finanze, quindi leggete e guardate, e poi fatemi anche sapere che cosa ne pensate!!!

WHITE&RED day look

WHITE&RED day look