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Monday, 31 December 2012


Hello Girls!! this is the perfect shpping outfit: it is easy, chic and comfortable! The leggings are perfect for the shopping or for a travel, the white shirt is very chic; I've added a grey jacket, and a grey wool scarf!! Grey lace up and cream color fur! Black shopping bag and Chanel sunglasses can't miss!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hello Girls!! how have you spent your Xmas day!?? Have u recived a lot of presents!?? Let me know with a comment!! But now let's talk about the outfit of the day: a white look!!
A mini skirt with white hearts, a white sweater, boots with heels and socks of the same color!!
Fur and LV bag are the strog pieces!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's However XMas

Hello girls! we have spent our Christmas at home, so I've chosen a very simple outfin but also chic!!
I'm totally in white, but the accessories like the pumps, the belt and the bracelets are red: It's however Christmas!!
I wish u a merry xmas, 
with so much love

Monday, 24 December 2012


Hello girls!! Christmas It's finally arrived and I want to show you my look: elegant, chic and red!!
You know that I really love red colours, especially at Christmas, so I wear a bordeaux shirt, a black skirt and a pair of black pumps!! obviously bag and leather bracelet can't miss!!
Happy Christmas Eve

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Hello girls!! an other xmas post: very chic xmas post!! This outfit is combined by different elements, some cheap pieces as the leather pants and the hat, and some signed pieces like the Gucci coat, the scarf and the pumps: very metrololitan style!!
Let me know if u like my new post!!
happy sunday

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hello girls!! I really like this outfit: here I wear a new dress of H&M, very cheap but very chic; I've combined my all red accessories except the new Armani Jeans bag! I also wear a red belt, my red jacket and my varnish red pumps: really xmas look! Do u like!!??

Friday, 21 December 2012


Hello Girls!!! The look of the day is a very wool-look; in fact I wear a grey wool dress with a end detail; I also wear a white wool "poncho", i really love this type of suit!!
I've underlined the point of life with a leather belt! Bag of Louis Vuitton and boots with the heel!
The Xmas touch is given by the red lipstick signed Kate Moss! Do u like my look???

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hello Girls!
The Sunday is the perfect day to prepare some sweets, so, today, I’ve decided to prepare my Xmas biscuits! Are very easy to do, first of all you have to loosen the butter, exactly 150 grams!
Now welgh 300 grams of flour and 150 grams of sugar and mix them together; now you can add the egg and the fused butter, realizing a ball of it. Now You have to wind it in a piece of “plastics for foods” and leave to rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator!
Now you can stretch your ball and realize all the form that you like; you can also add some chocolate drops or some decorations with the sugar after the cooking!
Let’s cook your biscuits at 180° for 10 minuts: now you can eat your xmas biscuits!
Happy Sunday


Saturday, 15 December 2012


Christian Louboutin

Hello Girls!!
At Chistmas I need to wear a red pieces: a bag, a pump, a dress or just the lipstick! Here I want to show you some marvelous pumps from which you can take inspiration, all red obviously!
Have good saturday

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hi girls!! Today the first recipe for Xmas, my specialty: the stuffed pandoro!
First of all take a pandoro, cut it to slices, but in horizontal way and not in vertical as of custom!
Then prepare the stuffing, a simple cream composed by Pasticcere cream and whipped cream!
I use the cream in envelope, therefore bring the milk on the stoves and perform the indications set on the wrapping, while are allowing to cool you can deal with the whipped cream, that must have climbed on "as snow" with the electric whips!
Then you add in a slowly way the whipped cream climbed on to the cream mixing upward from the lower part!
Make that the pandoro is not dry is necessary to dampen it, I have a preference for the juice of pineapple, to which some sweet liqueur can be added!!
We pass to the assemblage: take the base of the pandoro, pour some juice and put a layer of cremates, put back the superior slice in asymmetrical way, and realize the same procedure, at the end your pandoro will seem a to the I was of Xmas tree, to which can add light sugar, fused chocolate or yields candied!!

Ciao ragazze!! Oggi la prima ricetta per natale, la mia specialità: il pandoro farcito!
Prima di tutto prendete un pandoro, tagliatelo a fette, ma in orizzontale e non in verticale come di consuetudine!
Poi preparate il ripieno, una semplice crema composta da una confezione di panna montata ed una di crema pasticcera!
Io utilizzo la crema in busta, quindi portate il latte sui fornelli ed eseguite le indicazioni poste sulla confezione, mentre lasciate raffreddare potete occuparvi della panna, che deve essere montata a neve con le fruste elettriche!
Poi aggiungete mano a mano la panna montata alla crema, mescolando dal basso verso l'alto!
Per far si che il pandoro non sia asciutto è necessario inumidirlo, io prediligo il succo d'ananas, a cui si può aggiungere un po' di liquore dolce!!
Passiamo al montaggio: prendete la base del pandoro, versate un po' di succo e mettete uno strato di crema, riponete la fetta superiore in modo asimmetrico, e realizzate lo stesso procedimento, alla fine il vostro pandoro sembrerà un albero di natale, a cui potrete aggiungere zucchero a velo, cioccolato fuso o frutta candita!!

Friday, 7 December 2012


 Hi Girls!!
Today I want to show you both a new very winter look and some decorations of Christmas, very modern and fashion! My look is composed from a wool whipped cream color suit  to which I have combined a clear light brown color belt, in perfect tone with the boots, the maxi sweater and the sock that escape from the boots!
As it regards the location, it is a very modern living room, therefore also the decorations are in perfect combining, all on the tones of the white, of the silver and of the blue one; my t preferredpar is the mini tree of table: chic very!!

Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi Girls... A new outfit for you... I wear a green bottle sweater, very soft but tied up under the breast; skinny jeans  and tall heels of a neutral color!!
Jacket of leather with the fur, very warm and fashion, and scarf in tone!! Inevitable the LV of varnish!!! I have chosen to go off the photos next to my Christmas tree... do you like it???

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hi Girls!!!Have you passed a good week end??? ^__ ^ I like a lot today's outfit, I find ita lot of fashion, all tone on tone!! I wear a very wide and irregular sweaterof ancient pink color, that is perfect with the leg jeans, that is indeed a"must have" of season!! From the sweater glimpses a long brownundershirt, that however it has one note of pink, and that it is perfectlycombined; shoes with tall heel of a neutral color, and obviously theaccessories: a gilded necklace and gnawed composed by butterflies and the usualbracelets a lot of vintage!!!^__^


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hi Girls!!In these days I have worn a lot pants with the tall heels, bacause I find themreally chic. thing there is of better of a beautiful pants with a beautifulshoe?? Be the perfect look for every occasion, fling as the figure and hidesall the defects!!!^__ ^ today's look is composed by classical pants ofRoccobarocco and from a worked wool sweater of grey color!! Have combined asweater of a brown clear, that is glimpse only, that is combined to the neutralshoes. The necklace recalls the blue of the pants, and the LV is alwaysperfect!!
The touchindeed glam is given by the ecological fur of whipped cream color. I adore it ^__^


Thursday, 15 November 2012

I feel like Eva Kant!!!

Hi girls!! Do you know the comics?? I don't love them particularly, but I have always been spellbound from that of Diabolik, a thief from the magnetic eyes, that is in love with his companion Eva Kant, yeah, every time that I wear A black sweater and I make a chignon to the hair, I feel me as Eva Kant!!
This outfit is simple indeed, black sweater, skinny jeans and black boots!! For the accessories you can choose what you want, because it have indeed is a proper look for everything, I have chosen the green jacket to give a touch of color, the scarf tone on tone and the new purse of Armani Jeans!! With this look I am ready for a new mission with the beautiful Diabolik!!


Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi Girls!!! Also today a new look for you: a very sporting outfit, proper for the university (as in my case) or for an exit with the friends!!
I wear some dark blue leggings, indeed comfortable and proper to an informal look, a long top of a whipped cream color, a trapeze form with a ribbon of shaves under the breast, that makes it indeed chic!

A black, warm and soft cardigan, but if you want you can choose a more garish color; I have chosen it  because I have combined then a bright green jacket, indeed very of tendency!!
In a sporting look the sneakers cannot miss, but always a lot of fashion, I have chosen the bicolor Isabel Marant!! Finally the accessories, a black scarf with some colored details, the classical ones Byblos and a capacious shopping in leather, that can contain books or purchases!!!


Thursday, 8 November 2012


Hi Girls... Today I want to show you a way to wear the pants of leather, that I have returned a lot of fashion in the last times, and that in the wardrobe of a Fashion Victim should never miss!                                                 Do I know to thing perfectly is thinking. they are not too much weapons?? Or vulgar?? Don't they put in prominence the defects?? Certainly they are not proper for all the physicists, but there are various models, to the goal that a lot of us can wear them without problems; to mine modest to seem needs to know them to combine, otherwise he risks indeed to be too much weapons and sometimes vulgar! I for instance, have particularly appreciated a look of Olivia Palermo, where simply wore them combined to a white top and to a pair of ballerinas!!  I have chosen to combine a green long sweater, a coat a lot of bon ton and purse and boots borchiati; a mix more styles, that however they create an attractive look!!
Let me know your opinio about!!


Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi girls... by now the winter has arrived, the moment  to wear warm coats, eider-downs and furs have arrived, I have decided to wear my gilet of fur, obviously synthetic!!
For a so particular and fluorescent accessory, I have decided to wear a very simple suit of wool, warm and soft, some tall boots, from which are glimpse some sock, on the same cromia, and obviously the undisputed protagonist, the fur!!!
It is not difficult to find, this year is particularly present both in the low cost shops, both in the signatures for  young people like us (how Guess and Pepe Jeans).
Finally I have always combined a purse and a scarf on the same colors, but the inevitable accessory in the winter is the bordeaux lipstick, I have chosen that created by Kate Moss for Rimmel!!
happy monday girls!!

Monday, 29 October 2012


Hi girls!! Today I have found this old photo, and i must say that I was already fashion at few more than 2 years!!
The blue fur is of big fashion now, obviously it is ecological; the boots with the drawstrings and the edge in fur are fantastic, but now I would wear them with 10 cms of heel!!
The touch of color is given by the very red French hat!!
Love it!! Thanks Mum

Ciao ragazze!! Oggi ho ritrovato questa vecchia foto, e devo dire che ero già alla moda poco più di 2 anni!!
La pelliccia blu ora è di gran moda, ovviamente è ecologica; gli stivaletti con i lacci ed il bordo in pelliccia sono fantastici, anche e ora li indosserei con 10 cm di tacco!!
Il tocco di colore è dato dal cappello molto francese!!
Lo adoro!! Grazie Mamma

Friday, 26 October 2012


Hi girls!! Another outfit for you... Here I wear a pair of neutral pants, a white sweater to which I have combined another sweater of the shade of the pants!! The anonymous look is made more weapon from the "animalier" jacket and from the studs boots!!
This week end don't miss my looks very very chic!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hi girls... also today a new outfit!! I know that in these days I have a look a lot of punk, but I have fallen in love of this punk-chic style.. I wear a black and drak red adherent skirt, a long and wide top and a black, warm and soft cardigan! Studs Boots and purse are inevitable, as the sunglasses and the metallic accessories, give some light!!!

as always 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hello Girls.. Also today a new outfit made by, skinny pants with a "animalier" stamp on it, which I've combined a dark red shirt and an hat on the same tone, with a very parisienne style!!
I've decided to combine this type of red, and not the black, to make the look less aggressive, because the stap of the pants is very fluorescent...
This year you cannot miss the spotted accessories, if you don't want to dare with the pants, you can also choose the shoes, the hats or gloves, so go to visit the older post dedicated to the spotted accessories on SpottedStylePlease!!
At the end I've combined some neutral shoes and the brown vernish bag signed Louis Vuitton!


Monday, 22 October 2012


Hi girls... this is the suit that I've wear last saturday to go out with my friends; it's very easy, but however of great effect thanks to the pailettes skirt of the dress!!
Grey shoes, white and black pochette, and metallic accessories


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rock'n Roll Style

Hi girls... Today's look is extremely actual, entirely based on the punk-rock style, that so much goes of fashion to the last times!!
The studs are the true protagonists, this winter, in your closets, cannot miss the boots with the studs, black, brown or colored, can find it of all the types, and all are very beautiful!!
Have combined a fantasy suit white and black, a jacket to which I have added the thin belt in life, capacious  and studs purse, and metallic accessories, for a total Rock'n Roll style!!!

Happy Sunday

Monday, 15 October 2012


Hi Girls. Also today a new look, but to give some vivacity to these gloomy days, I have decided to use colors, colors, colors!! I wear a green top with some draw blue stars, an electric blue light sweater with some small pois, and some skinny the jeans! The jacket is necessary, but however always proper for the look, this is in varnish and is of electric blue color. also the purse is always on the same tone, while shoes and earrings take back the color of the sweater!! Based everything on two colors, this outfit puts joy thanks to the garish colors and of big fashion!!!

as always


Hello Girls.. Today a very sportive look, to begin ina serene way the week...
I wear a white cotton shirt, very easy, enriched by the circular writings in contrast; a long  wool cardigan, warm and soft, and a pair of skinny jeans, perfect with this type of sneakers!!!
Black belt, so thin and easy, long necklace and so many matallic and black bracelets, to give some points of ligth!!

Happy Monday Girls

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hi girls.. also today a new look!! Today I show you an outfit very chic.. I wear a cotton sweater entirely embroidered, whose particularity thing is the deep neckline on the back!!
I wear some grey jeans, with some decorations on the back pockets and a grey suede jacket, slightly extending to the violet one..
Always on the tones of the pink one I have combined shoes and pochette of varnish, and to give a more glam touch I have combined the studs belt!!! Chanel sunglasses, and so many metallic bracelets and on the tones of the pink one..

Good Sunday Girls

Thursday, 11 October 2012

RedPumps (part 2)

 Hi girls.. Today it is the birthday of my mother, and therefore last night we have gone to celebrate her in a delicious restaurant, where we have eaten some crepes.
For the occasion I have worn a black suit very simple, to which have combined with grey cardigan and a red jacket..
The touch glam is given by the stockings with the stars of the new collection of Calzedonia (what they are not seen well unfortunately for the lack of light, but I will show better you very early), and from the red pumps!!
Purse and inevitable accessories of jewelry!!!


hi girls.. also today a new outfit.. In these days the temperatures have slightly lowered, therefore I have decided to realize a look some heaviest, but however proper for the season!! I wear some skinny jeans, very simple; a grey sweater, with a "plot to braid"; an undershirt tone on tone that "escapes" from the sweater, and finally my jacket in black leather, very useful!!!
To give some color I have combined my green wedges, comfortable and proper to every type of outfit; the purse is particularly capacious, and the handles are decorated with some studs, that are the undisputed protagonists of the winter!!
a last touch of color is given by the necklace, formed from more different plaques, all on the crayon tones!!!

as always 

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Sofà on the Balcony

Hi girls!! In the last days I have been very busy, and therefore I have not been able to publish any looks, but calm, I will make up for to the best!!
Today's look is very sporting, simple, but made very chic by the use of the accessories!!
I wear a grey-silver sweater, some eletric blue pants, and of the sneakers covered of pailettes!!!
To oppose some, I have combined a necklace with so many
crayon colors and a bracelet; pochette and sunglasses, and the look is complete!!
Make me know what think of it!!!


Monday, 1 October 2012


Hi girls...I have gone to find some friends to Vercelli (an attractive city to north of the Piedmont), and I have found indeed some attractive locations to show you my look!!
A very chic and also British look, composed by white skinny jeans, black t-shirt of Burberry, a neutral sweater and mine beloved trench signed Pinko!!
Shoes and purse are black, create some contrast, and obviously cannot miss the accessories, among which I have a blue bracelet of  H&M, that gives one note of color!!


Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hi girls... Today a look very chic, but proper for the ugly time that is typical of the season!! Life tall pants, to which I have turned the edge, a black basic undershirt and the strong piece, the shirt-jacket of Fendi, true protagonist of the outfit!!
How accessories I have combined a pair of blunt heels in varnish, a pink pochette, that gives a touch of color, and some black accessories, like the necklace of Chanel and some bracelets, all dark ones, but with some metallic points of light!!
And obviously, let's not forget not  us the umbrella

kiss kiss and happy saturday

Friday, 28 September 2012


Hi girls!! Also today a new complete outfit!! This is one of my personal version of the marinary style, that has returned of big fashion!!!
I wear some red pants signed Zara, a grey undershirt, that on sees only partly, and to which have combined the lines sweater signed Replay!!
I have still combined a grey jacket with masculine cut, some tall heels, and obviously my Celin B. bag!!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Brown on Brown


hi girls.. here is a new post and a new look, based on all the tones of the brown one!!
This is a comfortable and attractive outfit, proper for the school and the university, and in fact I have conceived it really for the university!!
I wear a dark brown skirt signed Guess, (from which have departed for creating the whole look) an adherent undershirt, and a clear brown sweater!!
For the accessories I have decided to use my low boots, very comfortable and sporting, I have made them more glams, with the sock to sight tone on tone; how purse, I have decided to combine my briefcase signed Borbonese, and finally are some inevitable bracelets and necklace that make even more sought after the look!!!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

At the Castle...

Hi girls!! Today I'm very proud of this look, and obviously I hope that it also like to you!!
I wear a skirt that I love in particularly, because flared and very short, and that lengthens a lot the figure, I have combined a black basic sweater and I have also added the belt of Fendi for enriching everything!!
Give a little of color I have combined the eletric blue jacket of Zara (I adore these jackets, there are a lot of variety and they are combined on all the types of outfit) and the purse of the same color!!
Inevitable are the pumpses with bow that make the look more frou-frous, and obviously bracelets and earrings that illuminate everything!!!

kiss kiss

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi Girls...

Today I show you a comfortable and chic look, yes, I think that I would describe this outfit like this!! Exact, because the leggings, are the more comfortable typology of pants to the world, the wide top with the imperial neckline that exalts the forms, but hides the defects and the sneakers Isabel Marant, so, that to say, convenience and pure style!!!
A very sporting look that I have decided to make more chic, with the jacket Jachie Kennedy style, with the blue necklace that attenuates the white, and with the large purse..

Kiss Kiss and happy sunday

Thursday, 20 September 2012

On the Style of Kate Moss

Hi Girls..Today I have decided to entitle this post "on the style of Kate Moss", because is an inspired look to the famous top model!!
After I having chosen this outfit, I have understood, that was really on the style of the notorious model, that loves to combine pieces vintage, to signed ones and chic ones, creating some fabulous looks!! I have also combined to the simple and bon ton suit, the sporting and consumed boots, a capacious purse and a belt that mark the point life, giving a sought after touch, but however rock!!
The vintage sunglasses are necessary, as the retrò bracelets, from the bracelets ethnic style of Stroili Oro, to my grandmother's clock with the gilded quadrant!!
So If you have some old accessories, don't put it away, because you can combined it to some look like this, where you can mixed a lot of type of styles!!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

As a little Doll

Hi girls!! Today a very female look and also as a little doll look!!!! Probably the skirt of sangallo end, and with the crags, is not proper for all the physicists, but for the tiniest girls is perfect indeed, a lot of effect doll!!
The top is very simple, but attractive, with a glimmering sketch on the back, a beautiful dragonfly!!
For the shoes have chosen a pair of very open ballerinas, always on the colors of the blue one and the white!! Finally the pochette that is the model in end that have realized a couple of months ago! ( if you have lost the passages you can find all the instructions to realize it here on the blog) Glasses and bracelets cannot miss, and in this case I have combined so many bracelets of beads that can always find in shops as H&M!!!


Monday, 17 September 2012

The Wheel of The Skirt


Hi girls... in these days seems almost returned the summer, and then I have decided to still show off my skirts and my sandals before the return of the autumn's cold!!
This look is formed by a wide skirt of cotton, very nice, because enriched by these floral stylized sketches  on the tones of the blue one and the pink one; in reality I adore it for another reason, simply because it remembers me when I was young, and I made the wheels with the skirt, that means that I turned on myself to make a circle with the skirt, that fluttered, and I loved doing it, doing to competition with my best friend, to whom made the widest wheel!! returning to the look, detach completely from the skirt I have combined a top of jeans curled on the whole back part!!
The sandals were in such a light look mandatory, combined to the bicolor pochette, that makes the most aggressive look. Glasses, necklace and bracelet are essential accessories; - P

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hi girls, also today a new post and a new look...
Today's outfit is composed by a very chic and comfortable shirt, this is not of a famous brand, but it is entirely of silk, therefore it is fresh and delicate; despite the shirt both rather classical, I have combined some  skinny jeans that makes it more informal, the shoes with the heel are mandatory, and I have chosen this which are a very simple model, but really pretty, of Zara.
The vintage purse of Louis Vuitton gives a touch in more to the whole outfit, and they also make it the sunglasses, always my beloved vintage model of Vogue, that they never pass of fashion..
Could not finally give up giving a touch of color with the red belt (found in the closet of my aunt, that sold every kind of purse or belt of brands) and of the red bracelets and silver!!



Hi girls.. as is!!?? you know, I am very happy because you are in many to visit my blog, but I am also a  little been sorry, because the comments are still little; I invite you therefore to leave me some comments (also of the criticisms) and if  you prefer, is possible to do it in anonymous form!!
But we now speak of today's look; as will have noticed in these days I propose you jeans in all the sauces, but is simply for showing so many types of  look, that can be to the course of everybody!!
Also today therefore a beautiful pair of jeans, but in also a gilet.. ahah jokes apart, the gilet is an accessory that succeeds in changing every look making it more pretty, and then you can find of it of all the types; I have a preference for those female ones as this!!
But the true protagonists are my red pumps, I find them very beautiful, they make chic also the simplest outfit, and then they have returned to the great (you go to see my post devoted all to the pumps).

Super touch glam is the hand accessory in opposition to the shoes, is one of the fundamental rules of the last seasons!
As always I hope that you are liked my post, make me know!!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hi girls!! today I wanted to show you as the details does the difference... today's look is simply composed by a jeans and by a white sweater, but what thing makes it more attractive!?
First of all the fluorescent necklace, that decidedly gives a touch of color to this out look!!
also the shoes have made thir part, and I have decided to stay on the violet tone!!
but now notice the purse, (one of my first purses as Miss, therefore quite a lot old) is very simple, but has the  a little colorless air, but with this delicious taps with the paillettes, become a whole other thing!!!
as always I hope that you are liked my post and I hope that will make me know your opinions!!!

so kiss kiss

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi girls... today a very simple look, but however of effect!!
have worn a blue top, soft, made more chic by the bow in silk "tone sur tone", be in contrast  I have combined the yellow pants, to which I have rolled up the edge, make them more glam!!
I have combined all the accessories on the tone of the blue, the shoes and the purse, last one of a blue more intense!! sunglasses and earrings always recall the colors of the top and the pants!!!


Ciao ragazze... oggi un look molto semplice, ma comunque d'effetto!!
ho indossato un top blu, morbido,reso più chic dal fiocco in seta tono su tono, per essere in contrasto ho abbinato i pantaloni gialli, ai quali ho risvoltato l'orlo, per renderli più glam!!
ho poi abbiano tutti accessori sui tono del blu, le scarpe e la borsa,di un blu più intenso!! occhiali da sole e orecchini richiamano sempre i colori del top e dei pantaloni!!!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

DKNY Dress

Hi Girls... also today a new post!! for today's look I have chosen to wear my comfortable suit black signed Donna Karan NY, I adore it because is attractive with all the types of accessories and for all the occasions.
to give a touch of color I have combined my orange wedges and my beloved jacket, signed Zara.
The capacious purse cannot miss, I have chosen the black Celin B!!
Finally, the usual bracelets, today in version total black, and the earrings made with end and beads!!!


Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hi Girls!! Today this look is very special for me; not because is particularly special, but, contrarily, this is my suit of the "today I don't know whether to put on me!"!
I believe that has happened to each of us not to know whether to wear, because we don't have desire of colors, because we don't want jeans or a skirt, because we are annoyed of our, when the doubts and the perplexities attack me, I wear this suit!!
Obviously this is the summer version of the "today I don't know whether to put on me", but I must say that it always works with a certain success, because this suit puts me of good humor; be colored, but not too much, short, but too much, is soft, but not too much!!
Make it more elegant enough a jacket, make it more informal, a pair of low sandals, and the game is made!!!
As you will have understood today it was a "today I don't know whether to put on me", therefore I have worn my beautiful suit signed Zara, my sandals in leather, and my Vuitton, that makes every outfit perfect!!!
But What's your look of the "today I don't know what to put on me"??


Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hi girls!! also today a new look, an outfit indeed a lot of fashion for a set a lot of fashion!!
I have decided to set this look, from the fluo colors , on the new MINI of my aunt, also it a lot of fashion! Today I wear a very light and soft yellow sweater, in fact the most beautiful thing of this is certain the color, that casually is the same of the purse; and both are signed Zara!!
The pants are a basic model of H&M, and they are of a neutral color, just as the sandals signed Guess! the chic touch is given from the ethnic necklace (an exotic gift of one of the trips of my uncles) and from the retrò watch (be the old one that my grandmother daily wore), obviously cannot miss other bracelets and the sunglasses total black!!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Hi girls!! Today i've studied a look for introducing you my new purchase (in reality had already spoken in the post devoted to the sneakers of it) the shoes Isabel Marant!!
As I had mentioned you, these are the sporting shoes of the moment, that every fashion victim should possess; they are perfect for every type of look, with the jeans and a t-shirt, with a more chic jacket, with the shorts or a miniskirt, so, in all the ways they are always perfect!!
I have combined them to a pair of skinny jeans signed Pinko; I have chosen a grey neutral sweater and to give a little of color I have combined the red jacket signed Zara!
The chic touch is given by the black necklace of Chanel and from the black glasses in style of Audrey Hepburn (I have found them in the house in a drawer, probably an old purchase of my mother!).
Mine new Celine B of it perfectly tunes up him to the look, and as always my jewels cannot miss launch!! As always I hope that you are liked my look, make me know!!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hi girls!! Before I show you the look of the last days, I want to dedicate a post to my new Celin B bag!!!
I fell in love as soon as I saw her, is very large, very soft, and smells like new leather!!
The model is very classic, and black is always a guarantee; owning a similar bag is always a good investment, the model is always up to date, and you can choose a Variant more colorful or neutral, which I assure you, you'll wear forever!!!


Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hi girls!! Also today a new look!! In these last days we are passed by the torrid heat, to the damp cold, and therefore have had to improvise an almost autumn look!!!
Usually, when rains, the people are sheltered in the commercial centers, we have also done so, therefore the location for my look is the mobile staircase!!!
With this ugly time I have opted for the jeans, these are a skinny model signed Pinko; the basic sweater is a model of Zara, and also the spotted jacket is signed Zara!!
Give some color have combined the wedges and the green earrings but the capacious purse signed Elisabetta Franchi is again black!!!
Inevitable are my bracelets OpsObject, my Breil watch and the Swarovski!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012


We have spoken of the boots for the next winter, but we have not spoken about the notorious one  return of Pumps!! Yeah, they have disappeared for quite a lot years, then so slowly has made some small apparition, but they has now returned to the great one!! I already know that a lot of us won't wear her for that ugly prejudice on the shoes, but if want to be indeed glam, you must have at least a pair of Pumps in the closet!!
You will find of it of all the types, colored, the classical black, in varnish, suede with some scottish decorums, taller, lower; indeed of all the types!!
These are those that I have individualized for you; mainly they are all belonging ones in the most famous houses of the world, because they are a sure investment and for long long time, but I have also looked low cost pair for the least confident ones in the great return!!!


Abbiamo parlato degli stivali per il prossimo inverno, ma non abbiamo parlato del famigerato ritorno delle Pumps!! Proprio così, sono sparite per parecchi anni, poi pian pianino hanno fatto qualche piccola apparizione, ma ora sono tornate alla grande!! So già che le molte di noi non le indosseranno per quel brutto pregiudizio sulle scarpe a punta, ma se volete essere davvero glam, dovete avere almeno un paio di Pumps nell'armadio!!
Ne troverete di tutti i tipi, coloratissime, le classiche nere, in vernice, scamosciate con dei decori scozzesi, più alte, più basse; davvero di tutti i tipi!!
Queste sono quelle che ho individuato per voi; principalmente sono tutte appartenenti alla più famose case del mondo, perchè sono un investimento sicuro e longevo, ma ne ho anche cercate di low cost per le meno fiduciose nel grande ritorno!!!


Manolo Blahnik